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Welcome to Silver Fox Isle

Family Message Board

Silver Fox Isle
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"We may not be blood, but we're still family, and family is the most important thing out there. We are family, tried and true." ~Grey

Proud to be a Family
Furry is Life
Family is Life
Credit Wolf Paw addition to Rawthan

This is the Livejournal home of the Furderation of Silver Fox Isle. We are furs yes, but first and foremost, we are a family. Faol is the leader of the gang, got questions, ask him! We don't take this lightly, we do consider each other family, and will do all we can for each other. That being said, this journal is just for our eyes.

Current Members: Grey (Folf), J (Fox), Faol (Wolf), Sage (Zar), Rawthan (Wolf), Kameron (Fox kit), Jamie (Tiger), Vision (Caracal)

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Gaming is love.

This community maintained by: Grey, Faol, and Sage